FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Our Conscious Coconut Jerky

What Is Coconut Jerky?

Coconut Jerky is the result of a process that takes fresh young coconut meat from inside of the coconut and dehydrating it for many hours. 

Is This Jerky Minimally Processed?

Yes are jerky is made as minimalistic as you can get.It is made in a commercial kitchen space in small batches involving only a few processing steps, marinating the meat and dehydrating it. 

Are All Consciously Snacking Products Organic?

All of our products ingredients are 100% organic except for the Pink Himalayan Salt in some of our flavors.Pink Himalayan Salt is produced naturally by the earth and does not come in a certified organic state.We are currently in the long/extensive process of becoming officially organic certified, but in the meantime, we hope you can trust us.

Are All Consciously Snacking Products Non-GMO?

Absolutely!We believe that this is very important not only for our own health, but for the safety of all living things on the planet & the planet itself. 

Are All Consciously Snacking Products Gluten Free?

Yes..We make sure that none of our products contain any gluten in them.Please email info@consciouslysnacking.com if you have any further gluten or allergy concerns.  

What Is The Shelf-Life Of The Coconut Jerky? 

The shelf-life of our coconut jerky is one year from the date of production for all flavors ensuring that it is sealed properly in our original packaging for the duration of that time.  

Do I Need To Refrigerate The Jerky After Opening? 

Our Jerky SHOULD NOT be refrigerated.Refrigeration of our jerky may allow moisture to enter the bag, which may then cause for the jerky to rehydrate itself and possibly spoil.Please store in a cool dry place.

Are There Any Preservatives In Your Jerky? 

No way!We do not use anything other than what you see on our ingredient list.We believe in using minimal ingredients to prodccue the best products and to keep you as healthy as possible. 

Are Consciously Snacking Products Vegan? 

Yes 100%.The founders practice & believe in a raw/vegan/plant based lifestyle and our products/company would never be any different.  

Does Conscious Coconut Jerky Contain Soy? 

No!Our products are proudly 100% free of soy.

Do Consciously Snacking Products Contain Allergens? 

We are required to inform you that our coconut jerky does contain tree nuts " coconut".Setting the record straight,contrary to popular belief, the fruit of the coconut palm is botanically considered a drupe and NOT a true tree nut.Please note, our products are currently manufactured in a certified facility that is home to other companies that may produce products that contain soy, gluten, animals, dairy, & nuts.Our products do not use any other companies appliances/utensils and we make sure there is zero cross contamination.

Purchasing & Shipping

Where Can I Purchase Conscious Coconut Jerky? 

1. Directly on our website 

2. Through one of our partnering retailers.(Coming Soon!)

What Forms Of Payment Do You Except Online? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & PayPal.

How Can I Stock Your Products In My Store? 

We can't wait! Please fill out the form here to get the process started.

How Long Until I Receive My Order? 

We strive to get you your products as fast as possible.In-stock orders will likely ship out next day and will take anywhere from 2-5 business days to arrive.You will receive and order and shipping confirmation to keep you updated.

Do You Ship Outside Of The United States? 

Currently we DO NOT.We are continually working to expand our capabilities so check back in the future or join our mailing list (link to list) to be informed of any new shipping changes.We appreciate you patience and thank you for your interest.